WeBuild Basics


WeBuild Basics at We Build 4 Life Fitness Center

If joining a gym and exercising seems like climbing Mt. Everest…turn that mountain into a molehill with WeBuild Basics class!

We Build 4 Life has your back with an 8-week program that will:

·       Reduce fatigue and other treatment side effects

·       Improve strength and endurance

·       Help you move better in all aspects of your life (standing up from a chair, lifting grocery bags, etc.)

·       Coach you through exercises that you can accomplish and see tangible benefits from

·       Limit group size so you get lots of personal attention

·       Introduce you to a community of survivors who understands what you are going through


Each WeBuild Basics class will be 30 minutes of basic movement followed by 15 minutes of conversation dedicated to a wellness topic. Long-term commitment can be intimidating, so our 8-week program will let you start for only $99 ($6 average cost per class). Please do not let financial worries be a barrier, we do have scholarship opportunities! Consult us for details.

WeBuild Basics at We Build 4 Life Fitness Center

Class Schedule: 1:30 – 2:15 PM on Wednesdays and Fridays. Participants are also encouraged to try the yoga class.

Dates: May 29th - July 19th 

Cost: $99 for the 8-week program

Location: We Build 4 Life, 8022 Reeder Street, Lenexa, Kansas

Contact us: 913-244-3152, Webuild4life.com


We Build 4 Life Fitness Center is the first fitness center in the U.S. dedicated to cancer patients and survivors.