Get Your Rear in Gear For the New Year!

In partnership with Get Your Rear In Gear, A 6-week exercise program targeted to colorectal cancer pre-vivors, caregivers, supporters and their medical teams to get moving for the new year! Join this group to be active together, learn about wellness including exercises, nutrition, recovery and emotional well-being. 

While this is not a weight loss program, we know you will improve not only your body composition but also how you feel, your energy and your sleep!


Week 1: Getting in more movement

Week 2: Nutrition: the power of protein

Week 3: Recovery & Sleep

Week 4: Nutrition: Real Food Tips

Week 5: Core Strength

Week 6: Wrap up


GYRIG for the New Year!

Format- Saturdays 10:00- 11:00 am at Cancer Wellness for Life weBUILD wellness center.

Dates: January 5th – February 9th


Contact us to ask about our family discounts and scholarship opportunities to help pay for classes.