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What is weBuild:


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weBuild is a 501c(3) nonprofit division of Cancer Wellness For Life focusing on functional fitness and nutritional programs for survivors and individuals with chronic illness designed to improve physical & emotional side effects. weBuild empowers individuals with an evidence driven program and supportive community. 

weBuild will help participants with side effects such as fatigue, depression & anxiety, chemo-brain, weight gain, muscle loss, sleep difficulty, metabolic changes and overall quality of life.


weBuild4Life is a Cancer Wellness For Life nonprofit organization providing a proven program starting with a baseline health assessment, quality of life measures as well as a physical fitness and functional movement intake. Our personalized program understands the challenges cancer survivors and individuals with chronic disease face and we tailor our program to improve all aspects of our participants lives.


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"I feel amazing!"

— Denise 2 time pancreatic cancer survivor

What is Functional Fitness:


Functional fitness focuses on movements that mimic everyday actions. These exercises incorporate multiple muscles groups at the same time for an efficient workout that will improve how your body moves outside of the gym. Our program builds strength, balance and joint mobility along with improving your total fitness at each workout.

The movements that are part of our workouts simulating common movements you might do at home, at work, or in sports. Functional fitness is a great way to efficiently improve your strength and metabolism at the same time by not only improving your lean muscle mass but also your daily caloric burn. 

Along with bodyweight movements, we utilize objects such as kettlebells, medicine balls, rowers and barbells. These items are especially effective because they support the way your body should move.

Exercises examples:

Barbell squats - build leg strength for any squatting movement including getting on and off the toilet, in and out of car and to pick up and carry any object such as a full laundry basket. Squats are the basis of everything we do and weak legs mean sore joints.

Kettle Bell Swings – a low impact way to wake up all of your muscles that take a vacation when you sit too much. This exercise works the back of your legs and hips along with the upper muscles that don’t work when you are seated all day such as your chest, shoulders and core. This low impact movement makes everything better when you move!

Overhead Presses – Upper body muscle is needed to turn your body over in bed, make a meal or get ready for your day. This movement builds strength and flexibility in the upper body to lift a suit case and put in the overhead of a plane by yourself! 

Deadlift – Any time you have to pick something up from the ground and carry it you need these muscle for strength and to protect your lower back. This exercise mimics carrying in your groceries, lifting a bag of mulch or picking up a child.

Rower – Because many cancer treatments cause neuropathy and balance challenges, the rower is a safe and effective way to build aerobic capacity safely. This exercise will help with everyday activities like climbing stairs without being winded.



Our Team :



Sami - Founder & Coach

As Founder of We Build and Founder of Cancer Wellness for Life, Sami has diverse experience in both community and hospital based cancer centers, non-profit organizations to help patients live better healthier lives. She sits on advisory boards, planning committees and organizations including MetaCancer, Young Survival Coalition, Barbells for Boobs, the Kirmeyer Exercise as Medicine Fitness Center, and the Johnson County Health Plan. She is a Crossfit® Level 1 coach as well as a certified Cancer Trainer with extensive exercise and nutrition experience.


Jerry - CEO

Jerry has over 20 years Fortune 50 Executive experience building, leading and managing brands as well as a Crossfit® Level 1 coach. His extensive business management experience including sales, marketing, technology, pricing and strategy helps us deliver a quality product to you, our customers.


Emily - Coach

Emily has always had a passion for health and wellness. Growing up she was involved in basketball, volleyball, track, and golf. But, it wasn’t until her second year into college where she really discovered the area of work she was meant for. “I was working with patients who were not only struggling with their weight and other health issues, but also overcoming fears that were holding them back from living their best life. Helping them overcome those obstacles was one of the best rewards.” She’s dedicated, with a big heart that desires to help better the health of those around her.


Vicki - Yoga

Vicki is a dedicated nurse in the KC area where she has worked for the past 14 years. She has cared for a variety of patients that included cancer patients. She experience what it was like to receive a diagnosis of cancer when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in spring of 2018. Through that diagnosis one of the tools she used to cope and heal was her yoga practice. Now she wants to share yoga with others who have been diagnoses with cancer so they to can experience the healing benefits that a yoga practice can offer. The focus of her classes are recovery, flexibility and strengthening. She hope you will join her on this healing journey. Namaste.

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Ruth Doodle Ginsburg - Chief Comfort Officer

Ruth or Ruthie is our Golden Doodle who is currently going through training therapy pet both in our wellness center as well as in our hospital clients. You can see her around the gym providing comfort and encouragement along with ample petting opportunities for the entire WeBuild community! Feel free to stop by and see Ruthie, however do not let her distract you from those workouts! Check out Ruthie’s IG page @ruthdoodleginsburg


Interested in learning more? We would love to hear from you. 

weBuild4life a Cancer Wellness For Life nonprofit

8022 Reeder St. Lenexa, KS 66214

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