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What is weBuild:




weBuild is a functional fitness program for survivors and individuals with chronic illness designed to improve physical & emotional side effects. weBuild empowers individuals with an evidence driven program and supportive community. 

weBuild will help participants with side effects such as fatigue, depression & anxiety, chemo-brain, weight gain, muscle loss, sleep difficulty, metabolic changes and overall quality of life.


weBuild4Life is a Cancer Wellness For Life nonprofit organization providing a proven program starting with a baseline health assessment, quality of life measures as well as a physical fitness and functional movement intake. Our personalized program understands the challenges cancer survivors and individuals with chronic disease face and we tailor our program to improve all aspects of our participants lives.


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"I feel amazing!"

— Denise 2 time pancreatic cancer survivor


Our Team :



Sami Mansfield - Founder

As Founder of We Build and Founder of Cancer Wellness for Life, Sami has diverse experience in both community and hospital based cancer centers, non-profit organizations to help patients live better healthier lives. She sits on advisory boards, planning committees and organizations including MetaCancer, Young Survival Coalition, Barbells for Boobs, the Kirmeyer Exercise as Medicine Fitness Center, and the Johnson County Health Plan. She is a Crossfit® Level 1 coach as well as a certified Cancer Trainer with extensive exercise and nutrition experience.


Jerry Mansfield - Ceo

Jerry has over 20 years Fortune 50 Executive experience building, leading and managing brands as well as a Crossfit® Level 1 coach. His extensive business management experience including sales, marketing, technology, pricing and strategy helps us deliver a quality product to you, our customers. 



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Cancer Wellness For Life / We Build 4 Life

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